I am an author and consultant, working from my home in West Wales. For over sixteen years I was the Senior Botanist with the Royal Horticultural Society at its famous garden at Wisley in Surrey, where I was deeply involved with the botanical side of the RHS advisory service, the herbarium, aspects of conservation, plant records and computerization. Nowadays, I write on a wide range of botanical subjects, with a particular interest in garden plants, their origins and history.

My career has a sound practical foundation, based on the three years I spent in the retail nursery trade, specializing in alpines, ferns and hardy herbaceous perennials. I am a keen gardener, and have also studied plants in their native habitats in Europe, Asia and North America.

I am fully conversant with computers and make regular use of Microsoft Office, Access and Idealist databases, and a variety of website, graphics and digital imaging software.

I welcome enquiries relating to any of the subjects on these pages, but especially about writing, web construction or photography projects. Please follow the Contact link at the top of the page.

Travel & Field-work

Jiko-in, Nara-ken

A particular interest is the relationship between our garden plants and their wild origins. In the course of two short botanical visits, I visited a wide range of habitats throughout Albania - more details can be found on my Plants pages.

Japan has held a deep fascination for me for many years. Some years ago, I spent a total of 3 months enjoying the scenery and flora of that beautiful country in the course of two extended visits.

I have also travelled in both eastern and western North America, and visited numerous nurseries in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.