inside Arisarum proboscideum

Inside the flowering spathe
of Arisarum proboscideum,
the mouse plant.
(Move your cursor over
the image for a close-up
view of the flowers at
the base of the spadix

For over thirty years, botany and gardening have been at the core of my working life. In recent years, I have been working from home in West Wales as a freelance writer, again mainly on plant-related themes. More details are on the Business link, above.

These pages contain various items concerning plants. They include a few examples of my published work, together with various notes and observations gleaned over the years. There is an overview of the genus Shortia (Diapensiaceae), notes on some Filipendula (Rosaceae) cultivars, and an old, but stage-setting article on the naming of fern cultivars. The Abelia pages remain under development; I hope to add some other articles in the near future.

Another page details my experiences of growing mistletoe (Viscum album) from seed. Finally, I have included two historical reviews of plant exploration, in Japan and in Albania.