Welcome to Barnes-Botany

Who am I?

My name is Peter Barnes, and I am a freelance writer, photographer and consultant specializing in (broadly) botanical and horticultural subjects. I now work from my home in beautiful but little-known West Wales.

What do I do?

I write, mostly about plants; I take photographs, often of plants; I even do websites, sometimes about plants. I grow plants: I am a botanist!

What's here?

This website illustrates the sorts of work I undertake, and reflects some of my special interests. Some examples of my published work are included, and enquiries are welcome: I am always happy to discuss possible future projects.

What's New?

At last ! I have added several small galleries of representative photographs from my collection. I shall continue to add to these as time goes by. I have just revised these gallery pages - different style and somewhat larger images - and added several new photographs. There's a quick link to the galleries page on the left.

I've also added an account of my short visit to the island of Yakushima, off Japan's southern coast. Go to it from the Plants > Plant exploration page